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The Ignatian Way (Camino Ignaciano) – Spain

Par Gellért Merza
Sep 15th, 2016

Students, teachers, alumni and parents from six US Jesuit schools and universities walked the Ignatian Way (Camino Ignaciano) and visited the Ignatian sites in Catalonia (2016). 

Students from Brophy College Prep. and Jesuit Schools in Catalonia walked the Ignatian Way together as part of their exchange program (2015). 

The Ignatian Way recreates the route that Ignatius of Loyola, being a knight, ran in 1522 from Loyola to Manresa.
This itinerary offers the opportunity to experience a pilgrimage, following the spiritual process that made Ignacio.
The road begins at the birthplace of Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa) and ends in the Cave of St. Ignatius in Manresa.