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Par jungsoo huh
Août 27th, 2019

The 2018-2019 Xavier Jesuit School, Cambodia academic year has come to an end. The Final Exams are over so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the students wanting a holiday, but the Xavier school students were busy preparing for their activity week.

Especially, the high school was busier because they prepared various programs for a whole week as “Closing Activity Week”. There were not only academic contests such as Debating, Speaking Contest, and Mathematics Competition, but also Cooking and Sports activities, which the students can showcase their talents.

As the morning of the Closing Activity Week started, the students showcase their talents as much as they had prepared days and nights. Notably, this time Grade 7, the youngest group in the high school shows their amazing abilities in many of the contests. The 1st prize for Cooking was given to Grade 7 and even the Mathematics Competition was won by grade 7A! Some of the Grade 7 students, who proudly won big prizes amongst their seniors, shed tears as they remembered how hard they’ve prepared for the competitions.

On August 2nd, the Last day of Activity Week, ends with an Award Ceremony. The ceremony lasted more than two hours, but none of them shows any sign of boredom. Instead, they enjoyed the last feast of their school year, showing off traditional dances and songs they had prepared.

The prizes were awarded in various areas, including academic achievement, “Magis” award, the most improved students, classroom cleanliness, sports, music, and art. It was a time to discover the various values that each student has and to show how much they’ve grown up at Xavier school. Throughout the whole ceremony, laughter and excitement of the students continued as their efforts were being recognized.

The Closing Ceremony of the kindergarten and elementary school students also ended with a grand finale. Holding the microphone with their small hands, they filled the ceremony with dancing and singing prepared for a month long.

Now the long vacation of two and a half months has begun – the footsteps of the students heading home were lighter, but at the same time, they could not easily leave the school. “I can’t wait to come back. We look forward to the next Academic Year” as they departed Xavier Jesuit School for the long holidays.

Here are some photos we would like to share with you.