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Watch these videos to join Fr General as he reflects on the Society, the Church and World. Fr General will publish a video through each month during the Ignatian Year as a companion to his book Walking with Ignatius. You are invited to walk the journey of the Ignatian year with him.

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

In this second chapter, Father Sosa invites us to ask the Lord to help us discover him at work in the people, events, and places of our lives.

Episode 3.

In this third chapter, Father Sosa looks at the world today. He acknowledges how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused suffering and death, but says it has also forced us to see the need for radical change. Christians can play a role in this transformation.

Episode 4.

In this fourth chapter, Father Sosa notes that, as throughout its history, the Church faces challenges to which it seeks to respond with serenity. It is the Church of “People of God on the Move”, serving those in need and announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Episode 5.

“In the depths of daily life, for those who are ready to listen, one can perceive the voice of God, the untiring beat of his heart, which summons and sends, which encourages life and impels us to solidarity…”