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Par samuel newton
Juil 26th, 2019

Soccer is not about one person (individual) who is leading a team or the highest wicket-taker, run scorer in a Cricket match that leads his team to a victory — it’s about a TEAM, where everyone gets an equal chance to score a goal depending on their individual skills.”

Office goals are mental and soccer goals are more physical, but the objective of both the entities remains the same i.e to win collectively and perform fairly.

This year it was something different as a great initiative was taken by the principal Rev. Father Sebastian James S.J. to include an INTER-SCHOOL STAFF FOOTBALL tournament. This tournament not only gave the opportunity to six schools to have a healthy competition but also a wonderful platform for the staff to showcase their talent in the game.Teachers from different schools around the city participated. The schools that participated were St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Belkulai High School, Newtown School Rajarhat, St.Paul’s High School Raghabpur, Jadavpur Vidyapith and St. Lawrence High School.

The tournament began on 27th April with the inauguration followed by a lottery draw. And accordingly the teams were grouped.

The 1st match began at 3.30 pm and several matches continued till 8 pm. The semi final and final were held on the following day.

The final match was contested by St.Xavier’s Collegiate School and St.Lawrence High School on April 28, after which

St.Lawrence High School bagged the champion’s trophy.

Joydip Kr Sinha of St.Lawrence High School was awarded ‘Best Goalkeeper’ as well as the ‘man of the match’ by Rev Father Sebastian James S.J. Principal of St.Lawrence High School

Finishing with the Inter-Staff Football Tournament, the 4th chapter of the TIN AND CAN tournament began around 5 p.m. This tournament was introduced with an aim of giving everybody an equal opportunity to participate. Jerseys and shorts were sponsored to the teams by the School. Students from standard IV to XII participated. The parents were also given the opportunity to showcase their talent. Last but not the least The Tournament ended with St.Lawrence team taking on St.Lawrence Old Boys Association. It was a challenging game for both the teams. It concluded with SLOBA taking the trophy. The day ended with a yummy dinner which was served after the tournament.