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COVID-19 Ressources et Recommandations Partagées par les Éducateurs de notre Communauté Mondiale

With many people, losing jobs due to Covid19 in our community we decided to help our local Food bank. Mrs Bailey’s class (year 1 and 2), from St. Josephs Catholic Primary School, Hurst Green, England, came up with the idea of ‘Food Bank Bingo’ – each time you donate an item to the food bank, draw it in the rectangle. When you have drawn in each rectangle, the card can then be brought into school to enter into our prize draw.

Mrs Orr, our Headteacher went to the local supermarket and asked if we could borrow a trolley. We decorated it with bunting and balloons and put it at the front of the school entrance.

To launch our charity Class 1 and 2 led this special open-air assembly explaining to the rest of the school what to do and why we needed to help….


Assembly Script

Welcome to our special assembly.

Let us make the sign of the cross.

Our assembly today is about food and bingo! It is also about helping people in a way that God would want us to.

During this time, with the Coronavirus, people are not only worried about becoming ill, but many people are losing their jobs and do not have enough money to buy food.

This is Josh- I was starving for a week until I was able to ask for help from the Foodbank.

This is Sarah -We did not know where our next meal was coming from.

This is Suzanne – The food bank saved our lives.

Foodbanks are really important right now and we want you to help our local food bank to feed families in the Ribble Valley. This is harvest time, a good time for all at St. Joseph’s to serve God by donating food.

Here are some foods you could put in the foodbank – Cornflakes, Tinned Fruit, Tomatoes, Tinned Fish, Pasta, Orange Juice, Tea Bags and Biscuits.

(Display- Giant bingo card)

We are going to give a bingo card to each pupil in our school and each time you go shopping, we would like you to ask your parents to get something extra for the food bank and tick it off your list. Once your card is full bring it into school and we will enter it in our competition.

Now we will listen to some words based on scripture from Matthew 25 verses 35-40

I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink.

Jesus said just as you did it to one of the poor, you did it for me.

Let us Pray

Lord, it’s hard to see children suffer, especially from hunger. We ask you to give them daily bread today and throughout the coming months. Provide the food they need to grow and thrive. We look to you, o God our strength.

We cannot believe the generosity of our school community! Just look at all these products that will help our local people.