Voici « Impliquez-vous », une page pour savoir pourquoi, qui et comment s’impliquer dans Educate Magis, notre communauté mondiale !

At St. George’s College and Hartmann House Preparatory School, in Zimbabwe, the celebration of the Ignatian Year coincides with our Quasquicentennial Celebrations (125 years), which can be abbreviated as the Quasi-Q to save some tongues from twisting. Alongside this, the Old GeorgiansAssociation are also celebrating their Centenary (100 years) of being formally constituted thus it is a big year for us. Due to us being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic our plans are constantly being reviewed in the light of what is permissible under the Covid-19 safety protocols.

Taking from our school motto, Ex Fide Fiducia, From Faith Comes Confidence, the Quasi- Q theme is “Celebrating Faith, Family and Action”. Therefore, in the face of unpredictable terrain, we have decided that we will do our best to keep the fire burning but maintaining our spiritual and formation programs as much as possible. This entails frequent rescheduling as well as inventing ways of presenting online material that has been shared in-person for several years. It is an exciting journey!

Below is a list of the events that we will find creative ways to do in the course of the Ignatian Year.

  • Service Projects – Senior students go into the community to serve and then return and fundraise for the respective places they will have served at.
  • Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola – an event we try to make special each year for the students, staff and parents.
  • Red Chair campaign (now that schools are operational again) – each class adopts a student of their age from a disadvantaged background and who might have dropped out of school and they fundraise to keep him/her in school
  • Pilgrimage – juniors embark on a one day journey to Chishawasha Mission (one of the oldest in the country and founded by Jesuits) and take part in various prayers including at the cemetery where many of our founding Jesuits have been laid to rest.
  • Staff Ignatian Forum – select documents are shared and discussed with staff
  • Parents Ignatian Evenings – Selected extracts and insights organised by relevant themes are presented to parents with some room for interaction at the end.

We look forward to keep sharing our reports and photographs with everyone, as these events take place in the course of the Ignatian Year.