Since May 15th educators from Jesuit schools around the world are “Discerning for a hope-filled future” through the online virtual JESEDU-Global2021 Pre-Colloquium. This global virtual gathering has inspired interesting and powerful reflections on important aspects of our Jesuit Education.

The Pre-Colloquium offers four asynchronous Reflection Modules, “Educating for Faith”, “Educating for Depth”, “Educating for Reconciliation”, and “Educating for Global Citizenship”. Each of these Strands is presented with pre-recorded Keynote Addresses and a space to share reflections through global multilingual conversations. So far over 700 comments have been shared! The Pre-Colloquium will be open for participation until June 28th.

One of the wonderfully unique and rich aspects of our Jesuit schools is that we belong to a global network and have the opportunity to listen to and share with educators in different countries and contexts. Here are some of the reflections shared so far.

Jesuit education is a formation for membership into the community and should foster wisdom, love, truth, compassion and forgiveness. We strive to help our students discover their own cultural identity as opposed to imposing ours on them. We must resist passing judgement on our students/families and meet them where they are. We must always remember to, “Welcome the stranger, who is no stranger to Christ.”  Curtis Kleisinger on “Educating for Faith”

Might the erosion of rites and ritual be contributing to the apparent yearning of young people for connectedness and purpose? How do the rites and rituals of our schools reinforce not just the call but the responsibility to serve?”   Jeff Hausman on ”Educating for Faith”

Today, after listening and reflecting in this video, I thank you so much for making me look into myself and remember to always decide for love, try to avoid what can confuse us, just as the fake singing of the bird, and then show the young to decide to find love in everything, deep inside and even within chaos. It is then where we emerge and change.” Rosa Emma Lozano on ”Educating for Depth”

Desde mi punto de vista, esto refleja claramente los propósitos de la educación jesuita e ignaciana: ¡una educación que permita una inmersión diferenciada en la sociedad, para cambiar estructuras injustas y elegir la vida!” Juliano Tadeu dos Anjos Oliveira  on ”Educating for Depth”

Thank you, Dr. Nario-Galece! There was a great deal of content for 20 minutes. I think the paradigm of Ignatian education was reinforced by the idea of providing our students the experiences of being with and among others not like ourselves.”  David Laughlin on ”Educating for Reconciliation”

Muchas gracias Elías por la ponencia. También comparto la imagen fuerte del aula como Santuario, y nuestros colegios como tiendas de campaña donde convergemos cada uno con nuestras heridas y nuestras necesidades de reconciliación.” Leonard Nardin on ”Educating for Reconciliation”.

I very much like the idea of celebrating instead of tolerating because to be able to celebrate it is imperative to know, to reflect, to learn and to understand.” Andrea Rodrigues on “Educating for Global Citizenship”

Certainly, both of the videos were interesting and showed the different actions are being taken worldwide. I found it very important what professor Fernando Reimers suggested, referring to make the knowledge accessible since childhood and setting it into their life context.” Karol Tarazona on “Global Citizenship”


We would like to invite members of our global community of Jesuit educators who have not had a chance to participate yet to get involved and be part of this unique global reflective opportunity. The beauty of JESEDU-Global2021 is its virtual aspect which allows participants to watch the Keynotes in their own time, and choose to watch one after the other or space them out over a few days.  So, we invite you to get comfortable and let yourself be inspired by our Keynote speakers to reflect on how can we better educate for faith, depth, reconciliation and global citizenship today? Join the Conversation here

The collated fruits of the reflections and conversations shared by educators across the globe on these important topics will be synthesized and presented during the Closing Ceremony of the JESEDU-Global2021 Colloquium.