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In 2020, La Silla Roja (or The Red Chair, in English) will go further, calling attention to the educational gap that has only intensified in the midst of COVID-19, affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners in more than 190 countries, as well as the new challenges that have emerged in the context of guaranteeing access to quality education to live sustainable lives in the midst of a global pandemic.

Magis Americas, the Friends of Fe y Alegría in the US will launch their going back to school campaign “La Silla Roja 2020: Protecting Education for Sustainable Lives” on September 15th. A global citizenship education campaign that uses the Silla Roja as a symbol for the right to quality and inclusive education for the over 250 million children and youth worldwide who are still out of school, highlighting the impact a lack of access to education has on personal and communal development.

To tailor to the current realities, this campaign will be structured as a challenge to be completed in three phases, either online or in person. Magis Americas wants to ensure that both teachers and their students can take action and participate in this campaign by adapting it to their needs and contexts. The challenges will involve investigation, reflection, and action, tapping into student’s creativity to share their newly acquired knowledge with their peers, and this experience will be hosted in the Educate Magis platform.

Become a part of the movement! Join us in the continuing struggle for “inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

This campaign will be launched on the US but others can participate!

Reach out to Mariana Palacios m.palacios@magisamericas.org to learn more about the campaign and sign up! Or Leave your comments in the comment box below!