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Par Dorris Patton
Août 30th, 2019

The Inter-religious prayer service programme held on 14th August, 2019 in the school hall at St. Stanislaus, Mumbai was planned keeping this aim in mind which coincides with the school theme for the year- Stanislites together towards harmony.

The prayer service which is held every year was based on the thought, ‘Foster Acceptance Inculcating Tolerance and Harmony.’ This thought gave a new dimension to the word “FAITH” and the entire programme which started with a procession including the school management, student council, parents and students indicated St. Stanislaus’ stance on multi-faith and multi-cultural acceptance.

The Chief Guest for this auspicious occasion was Fr. Tony D’Souza S.J, the current Superior of St. Peter’s Parish, Bandra. The reading of the prayers and scriptures of different faith created a spiritual space in the auditorium, reminding us that though our practices and languages may be different but the essence of all worship is the same – peace, love and forgiveness. A harmonious melody was then created by the students with their angelic rendition of Hindi, Marathi and English hymns.

This was followed by an inspirational skit teaching us how and why we need to work towards harmony and unity in these turbulent times. A thought provoking dance using the analogy of colours depicted our unity in diversity and the urgent need to preserve it.

Special guests from ‘Happy Hours’ – a school for disabled children in Kalina, were present and added to the occasion by tying ‘Rakhi’ to the student council boys. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks and a special declaration of harmony which was pledged by every individual present. This prayer service was truly the ideal way to infuse the attendees with patriotic sentiments and warm up for our nation’s 73rd Independence Day celebrations.