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COVID-19 Ressources et Recommandations Partagées par les Éducateurs de notre Communauté Mondiale
Par Teresa Di Vita-Geremia
Nov 23rd, 2020

Since the inception of our Global Education program, we have looked to develop initiatives that did not require students to leave Fordham Prep in order to make connections across borders and increase their global awareness. And so, in an academic year during which international travel will not be possible, we have developed a Global Scholars Program. This program will give students the opportunity to explore and engage with the world from their home city-or more specifically from their homes! We were very mindful of developing a program that could grow and flourish in a hybrid, or even remote, learning year. Our goal is that this program will help students fulfill the Grad at Grad call to be open to growth, intellectually accomplished, and most of all, committed to doing justice, in a time where movement- not simply around the globe- but within our own cities and towns, is limited. Through the different facets of this program, and leveraging the technological resources available, students will become more competent global citizens, realizing that they can be agents of positive change in this world.

Global Scholars will attend Round Table Discussions on social justice issues led by experts, and with a focus on the Universal Apostolic Preferences. The Global Scholars will participate in an extended virtual exchange with students from Jesuit partner schools around the world; and, in teams, they will research and lead school-wide awareness campaigns based on causes with special significance to them.

We are excited to offer our students this meaningful and enriching opportunity to connect with, grow, and become men of action with others throughout the world during a time when many are feeling isolated and helpless due to the pandemic.


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