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COVID-19 Ressources et Recommandations Partagées par les Éducateurs de notre Communauté Mondiale

The II Colloquium JESEDU Jogja-2020 is just a few months away: June 29 to July 4 next year! Only the second global gathering of its kind, approximately 500 educators and leaders of Jesuit schools from around the world are expected to fly to Jogjakarta for a unique experience: To wrestle with 21st-century issues in teaching and forming our students especially in light of the four Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Presenting the Indonesian team behind all the preparation (from L to R): Vic Sendy (Staff), Fr. Baskoro Poedjinoegroho SJ (Jogja 2020 Chair), Himawan Santanu (St. Aloysius, Jakarta), Makarius Pamungkas (Canisius, Jakarta), Widi Nugroho (Jogja 2020 Director from de Britto, Jogjakarta), Fr. Gerardus Hadian Panamokta (St. Aloysius, Jakarta),
and Fr. Alexander Koko Siswijayanto SJ (Canisius, Jakarta).

The theme of the colloquium is: “EDUCATING FOR DEPTH AND RECONCILIATION.” The gathering will feature keynote addresses that will tackle four major issues: Depth, Reconciliation, Faith, and Global Citizenship. There will also be breakout workshop sessions for the delegates to share best practices and to learn from one another. The delegates will also have the opportunity to undertake a pilgrimage to the major Catholic, Hindu, or Muslim religious shrine in the city. Colorful cultural events have also been planned such as the staging of the traditional Ramayana tale and an optional tour to the famous Borobudur.

Another special feature of the colloquium is the panel discussion on the last day, when young alumni and alumnae will be asked for their advice on how Jesuit schools can fulfill their mission more effectively in the 21st century. The panelists will consist purely of millennials, in keeping with the UAP’s call for us to listen to young people and to learn from them!

The team capped their two day meeting with a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Okta on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier.

The team capped their two day meeting with a Eucharistic Celebration
presided by Fr. Okta on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier.
While the colloquium is intended primarily for the leadership teams of our schools, all our educators will get a chance to join the VIRTUAL COLLOQUIUM, where everyone gets the chance to reflect on the colloquium themes and discuss issues they face in their contexts. The fruits of these global conversations will be summarized and presented to the Jogja2020 delegates for the purpose of enriching their discussion.

Joining the Indonesian team were: Fr. Johnny Go SJ (JCAP Education Secretary), Jennie Hickey (Executive Director, Jesuit Education Australia), and Fr. Jose Alberto Mesa SJ (Worldwide Education Secretary).

We hope to see you all–if not in Jogjakarta at the end of June, then certainly at the Virtual Colloquium courtesy of Educate Magis! Watch out for the updates!