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Avr 22nd, 2020

“This Earth Day finds many of us quiet and still and afraid. But God is here in this stillness. These words spoken to Elijah are spoken to you, to me, now” (Earth Day Meditation).

As we mark the 50th anniversary of ‘Earth Day’ our Earth is more silent than we have seen before. The air is cleaner, the water more pure, the birds are singing.. perhaps during this time as we are all forced to slow down and stay home, the Earth has a chance to heal.

While this Earth Day may be very different to others, it is a chance for us to pause, reflect, connect with and pray for Creation.

Below are some resources you may find useful either for yourself or for your students. If you have any other resources or materials you would like to share please comment below. We would love to hear how you are honoring this Earth Day or preparing for Laudato Si’ Week.

Earth Day Meditation: written and read by Eric Clayton

This brief meditation will help you listen to Creation and reflect on how you might take part in climate action no matter where you are. Listen to the meditation here.

Ecological Examen – Reconciling with God, Creation and Humanity: created by Office of Justice and Ecology of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States

This Ecological Examen asks you to reflect on your personal relationship with creation, to acknowledge and amend your ways and to promote ecological justice by standing in solidarity with those most impacted by environmental harm. See the Examen here.

Ignatian Solidarity Earth Week

Ignatian Solidarity are sharing a number of activities and resources to help us connect, restore and act this Earth Week. These include a Day of Connection on Wednesday 22nd, a Day of Restoration on Thursday 23rd and a Day of Action on Friday 24th. Take a look at how you and your students can get involved here.

Healing Earth

Healing Earth, the environmental science e-textbook, has an Earth Day gift for students and teachers. Send them a brief message on how you are doing in the crisis and they will send you a new Healing Earth teaching and learning tool which will soon be published. See more here.

Earth Day Goes Digital

EarthDay.org is hosting a number of digital earth day events which you and your students can take part in. They have also shared some practical ways we can take action to care for our environment. See more here.

Are we really taking care of the Earth?

The United Nations has created an Interactive Report to help us discover the facts related to our progress on climate action. They invite us to not miss the opportunity to limit global warming. See here.

NASA Looks Back at 50 Years of Earth Day?

In this video NASA reflects on how the continued growth of its fleet of Earth-observing satellites has sharpened our view of the planet’s climate, atmosphere, land, polar regions and oceans. Watch video here.