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Par Xavier Jesuit School Cambodia
Juin 11th, 2018

Last week, five representatives from University of San Francisco (USF) gave a two-day workshop to Xavier Jesuit School (XJS) teachers and staff on the foundations of counseling children. This came about as XJS attempts to strengthen its understanding and capability on children’s mental and emotional development.

With increasing number of children living with grandparents or other relatives due to many parents working in a different province or overseas, as well as other circumstances, emotional instability in some children are becoming more apparent. In the hope of helping these children, XJS recognized the need to first train its teachers and staff in building a healthy relationship with their students.

Earlier this year, XJS connected with TPO (Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation) Cambodia and participated in its training. Following on from this, in an attempt to broaden its network and understanding, XJS welcomed Faculty of Education from USF to provide a workshop in this area.

The workshop was short, however, was enough to trigger the teachers to rethink about teaching strategies and their methods of building rapport with the students.

Source: article republished from www.jesuitschoolcam.org