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Par Educate Magis
Sep 15th, 2020

The Vatican Congregation for Education sent a letter to schools, universities and educational institutions showing the gratitude of the Church and encouraging to continue moving forward in these uncertain times.

“The spread of Covid-19 has profoundly changed our existence and way of life: “We find ourselves afraid and lost. Like the disciples in the Gospel we were caught off guard by an unexpected, turbulent storm”1 . Adding to our health concerns, we are also faced with economic and social woes. Educational systems around the world have suffered from the pandemic at both the school and university levels. Everywhere efforts have been made to ensure a rapid response by means of digital platforms for distance learning, whose effectiveness, however, has been lessened by a marked disparity in educational and technological opportunities. According to recent data from international agencies, about ten million children will not have access to education in the coming years, thus widening the current educational gap.

Added to this, the very difficult situation of those Catholic schools and universities which, lacking economic support from the state, risk closure or radical downsizing. And yet, Catholic educational institutions (schools and universities) have been able, once again, to become the new frontier of educational concerns, placing themselves at the service of ecclesial and civil communities, and providing a public educational and cultural service for the benefit of the entire community.”

Read the full letter in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or German.