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The 17th March 2020 is the day when the government of Cameroon announced confinement country wide. Public places including schools would have to close in order to curb the evolution of the coronavirus which was beginning to spread alarmingly.
A few months later, the decision to reopen schools was taken. Considering the fact that the covid-19 health crisis had not been brought under control by then, measures had to be taken so that schools would not trigger further contaminations. As a matter of fact, schools have been encouraged to respect the social distancing that the government had earlier put in place.

In Collège Libermann in Cameroon, apart from the usual social distancing measures such as compulsory wearing of face masks, washing one’s hands regularly with clean water and soap, special other measures have been implemented.

One of the innovations is the introduction of a disinfecting device through which each student must pass every morning before being allowed to get in the school premises.

Moreover classes were organized in such a way that students would take turns to leave their classrooms so as to enjoy their break outside.

As far as the staff and the teachers are concerned, each and every one was encouraged to undergo the covid-19 test so as not to be a source of infection.