Qui Veux-tu Être ? Une Expérience Scolaire Mondiale invitant les jeunes à découvrir un chemin vers la plénitude de la vie.Participer ici
Par Clare McCullough
Déc 7th, 2020

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall have appointed their Jesuit Missions Climate Change Ambassadors for 2020/21.

Holly is any enthusiast for all things in the natural world and Dominic’s interest in Caring for Our Common Home (CFOCH) was sparked by time spent gardening with an aunt.

Katrina was an active participant in our CFOCH in Lockdown initiative with Jesuit Missions, planting and growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in her allotment, during the summer term.

Harry is an excellent speaker and in November he and Katrina gave a presentation to their playroom (year group) on “why climate change affects the poorest most”. Holly and Dominic, similarly, raised awareness with their presentation on “the importance of Caring for Our Common Home”.

All four ambassadors are committed to exploring the relationship between Jesuit Missions (JM), Caring for Our Common Home and those in our world who are marginalised. Earlier this term, Dominic and Holly spoke with Lynn McWilliams (JM) via skype about their new roles.

At the end of November, Harry and Katrina will participate in the Jesuit Schools’ “COP 26 One Year Out” virtual meeting organised by JM and facilitated by Educate Magis. They will share best practice with the other schools, consider what message they would like to communicate to the delegates meeting in Glasgow next year and how they can be agents of change.