Students Imagining “The World that Christ Desires” A Global Reflective Project!

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Geography Lesson Plan – Human Wellbeing

Global Citizenship, Equality and Social Justice

Por Ciara Beuster
Feb 6th, 2020

The Geography unit of work, using Ignatian Pedagogy, aims to engage students in understanding the nature of human wellbeing, global variations in wellbeing with an emphasis on Asian countries and the impacts of low levels of wellbeing. Programs by governments, non-government agencies and communities to improve wellbeing are also studied. Students then engage in a project-based learning activity with the focus question: “How can we engage the broader community in supporting Jesuit Mission programs?”

Fuente: Jesuit Missions Australia in association with Ignatian Schools in Australia

Autor: Sharon McLean

Inglés 13-15 AÑOS Geografía Igualdad y Equidad Justicia Social

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