Hello and welcome to the Educate Magis community! We look forward to connecting with you.


To help maintain a positive, productive and respectful environment for all community members we have drawn up some guidelines;

Interact with other Members

Join conversations, share your thoughts and don’t be afraid to ask or answer questions.

Seek Expertise

If you are looking for advice on a certain topic or project ask for input from other members who may have experience in this area. We are here to support and help each other.

Share your Experiences

We can all benefit from each other’s experiences. If you have experiences in Jesuit Education which you feel may be relevant to other community members share them!

Upload Resources

If you have materials which you think may be useful to other members share them.


General Forum Conversation Tips



The name that appears in the community is the name with which you signed up. This name should clearly identify you. That way, we’ll all know each other better and have a clear idea of who posts a message and who answers.

Be polite

Avoid crude language: don’t insult or scorn others, avoid writing in all capital letters (it means you’re shouting) and don’t rush others. This community is designed to share knowledge/content, support each other and learn together. Deliberately rude, provocative or irrelevant posts can and will be removed.

Respect the theme of each forum

Members have the opportunity to start new discussions, so please avoid posting off-topic replies to an existing conversation – start a new one!

External Links

Please only post links which are relevant and add value to a discussion. Linking for the purposes of promoting a product or service or any commercial endeavor (including illegal material) is not permitted without the prior written consent of Educate Magis. This will be reviewed at the discretion of moderators.


If you have any questions please contact the Educate Magis community facilitator, Ciara, who will be happy to hear from you (cbeuster@eduactemagis.org).

We hope you enjoy being a member of the global Educate Magis community!