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Por Tanaka Cyril Mashiche
Jul 10th, 2019

Truly, like other Christian spiritualities, Ignatian spirituality provides a clear way of helping people to be on the same wave length with God. If you ask most Jesuits who have lived the Ignatian Spirituality seriously they would give you one answer, which is summed up, by the phrases “finding God in all things.” Our Ignatian values gives us identity of who we are and proud of what we stand for.

This came as a surprise to Makumbi St Lazarus Primary School, a Jesuit run school, when on the eight of March it celebrated the unveiling of the Jesuit values. The whole school, 900 hundred pupils and twenty- two teachers, gathered to celebrate mass in commemoration of the launching of the values and their daily practice.

During a homily session the young boys and girls demonstrated their practical understanding of the values by reciting poems, miming and singing songs of the application of values to life situations.

In consolidation to this vibrant day Father Peter Paul the mission superior exhorted the young boys, girls and the rest of the congregation to the validity of taking care of the environment, the whole person and how these would bring about the presence of God among His people.

In conclusion to the occasion, the whole congregation enjoyed its most precious blessing through the unveiling and blessing of each value that had been pinned onto the wall as a practical remembrance of the values to the Greater Glory of God. Our gratitude goes to the Chaplaincy, Fr Chimire SJ and Br Tanaka SJ for sourcing the posters bearing the values as well as the frames where the posters were pinned on. May all the students and community of Makumbi be turned into boys and girls for others and Men and Women for others.