Presentamos “Involúcrate”, una página para saber por qué, quién y cómo involucrarte en Educate Magis, nuestra comunidad global.

Over the past month students and teachers from our Global Community have been researching and learning about the history and the foundation of other schools in our network in order to make a short video and share this knowledge as young reporters of our global network.

Even though all the videos are great and deserve to be called winners, here are the ones which have received awards.

The overall winner of the “People’s Favorite” with 124 votes is: SAFA-ICET MALAGA, Malaga, Spain. This is a wonderful video where students from this school in Spain chose “Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes” school in Paraguay to be featured in their global report. It’s inspiring, educational and fun to watch!

For “Most Creative and Educational Video of the Region” the winners are:

ISTITUTO MASSIMO, Rome, Italy, who chose to present “Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola” school, in Medellin, Colombia.

North America:
ST. PETER’S PREP, Jersey City, United States, who chose to present “Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola” de Puerto Rico.

Latin America:
COLÉGIO SÃO FRANCISCO XAVIER, São Paulo, Brazil, who chose to present St. Xavier’s school in Delhi, India.

South Asia:
ST. XAVIER’S SCHOOL Godavari, Nepal, who chose to present “Mother Teresa Middle School” in Regina,  Canada.

Asia Pacific:
BURKE HALL, XAVIER COLLEGE, Melbourne, Australia, who chose to present “Colégio São Luís” school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The result of this effort was super educational and fun for all involved. It helped us to visualize how diverse and extensive our global network of Jesuit schools is, and how wonderful it is to have them all nicely displayed on one map.

“We would like to thank all students and teachers for their effort, creativity and enthusiasm in making the videos to participate in this contest, and hope that making these videos and learning more about our global network was a fun and educational experience.”


The Global Map of Jesuit Schools is a great resource for faculty, staff, students and parents to explore and learn about the diversity of our Global Network. It shows us the similarities and differences between our schools and reminds us that ultimately, we are all united as a “universal body with a universal mission”.

Every year Educate Magis and ICAJE work to gather the latest statistical information about our Global Network of Jesuit schools, to keep you up to date and to provide you with a great resource for learning about the extent of the diversity of our Global Network.