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St. Bonaventure’s College located in St. John’s, NL, Canada participated in the Red Chair project last school year. They sent their pictures and testimonials of this experience and earned the Red Chair badge.St. Bonaventure's College Red Chair Project

We painted three chairs red and had them on display in both buildings. Primary/Elementary School Grade K-6 and our Grade 7-12 school which are located right next to each other on the same property. These chairs were then used by the teachers. They took them into their classrooms and students participated in various activities encompassing the Red Chair. Many classes discussed how every child deserves a right to an education. There was positive feedback from teachers. As well, participating in this project was an eye opening experience for all of our students, regardless of their age. The students could relate to this topic because it is something that they are entrenched in everyday. School is their second home and they couldn’t imagine life without it.

The students came up with a lot of ideas. They seemed very insightful with regards to the topic. They recognized that it would affect their future’s both academically and socially. They realized that school gives them more than just academic skills but the opportunity to make new friends and participate in physical education opportunities. They made comments that it would be really cool and exciting for the first three days or so but after that they thought they would be ready to go back to school because they would be missing their friends and many educational opportunities to become the best people they can become. The students created posters and we displayed them in our front foyer, you could hear chatter amongst students about the Red Chair before and after school.” Jessica Whelan, 6th grade teacher.

We did a brainstorming sessions on what makes our school special, the grade ones came up with many ideas such as, we get to play outside with our friends, we get to go on field trips, the teachers are nice, we learn new things. We discussed how the Red Chair represented someone their age that couldn’t go to school like they did everyday. They couldn’t believe that there were children in this world that didn’t get to do the fun things that they did everyday. I believe that students really connected with this topic and created an eye-opening experience for them.” Kathy Coffin, 1st grade teacher.

Have you implemented the Global Red Chair Project?Red Chair Canada and 
would you like to deepen the experience of the right to education in your school but don’t know how?

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