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I am delighted to share my students report on their experience participating in a Global Citizenship project, exchanging videos and video calls with teachers and students from Jesuit schools all around the world.


Hi, we are students from “Colegio la Inmaculada” school in Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

We are 16 years old and to finish our school year we worked on a project about Global Citizenship. We had some videos and video calls with teachers and students from Jesuit schools all around the world such as Australia (Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview in Sidney), Poland (KOSTKA Jesuit Public High School in Kraków), Lithuania (Kaunas Jesuit High School in Kaunas), USA (St. Peter’s Preparatory School in New Jersey), Chile (Colegio San Ignacio A.O., Santiago de Chile) and the Philippines (Ateneo de Manila University – Junior High School, Manila)

We learned about Global Citizenship, about other cultures, seeing the similarities and differences between Jesuit schools… and we realised that we share a common Faith.

In the video call with the Philippines we learned that their culture is influenced by the Spanish and the Asian ones. From Lithuania, we discovered that they do some projects to help with the education of the children in Kenia. We also met Ciara Beuster, from Ireland, who works in Educate Magis with a team and is in charge of coordinating all the projects related to Global Citizenship.

It has been a great experience and here we have some opinions from our classmates:

Thanks to the video calls I have learned that despite the fact that we live in completely different countries,students from Jesuit schools have many things in common and the same goal of contributing positively to our world, which as I have said before, is one of the main objectives of global citizenship”.

I think that the youngest people have a responsibility in making alliances and we have to work to have a better world and to destroy gates. We have a great opportunity, because of all the ways to communicate nowadays, to grow as a community and it is in our hands”.

I have learnt about other cultures, how they behave, how their schools work, and even how they dress up to go to school. I have also learnt about the fabolous net of Educate Magis, a project that for me was so interesting. I have also realised what the meaning of global citizenship is, and the things that global citizenship means for others. Considering this as a school project I did enjoy it a lot.”.

I have realised how the Jesuits are committed to multiculturalism and Global Citizenship because of all the schools and parishes that they have created all around the world and how they value a lot being connected and sharing the diversity of their cultures. I also have realised that our world isn’t so big, it may develop so quickly and can have a variety of cultures but in the end we descend from the same ancestors. We can’t choose the traditions and culture that surrounds us and no-one must be judged by that, but we can choose to see the differences to create a richer, more varied, tolerant, equal and free world”.

That’s all from Spain,

Candela Ruiz, Inés González, Carla Hernández and some other students.