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“Our support and care for one another seem limitless”. Jeff Johnson, SJ

In recent days, Huston, Texas has been the focus of the unfolding drama and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have seen pictures and videos of the devastation that hit some 300 localities around southern Texas. We see pictures of support teams salvaging people from their homes, a human chain rescuing a man from the flood, and on Twitter we also see Strake Jesuit boys reaching out.

Strake Jesuit School Calendar

In an article for America Magazine, Jeff Johnson, S.J., president of Strake Jesuit in Houston, Texas highlights the story of how Strake Jesuit boys along with Strake Jesuit families have been reaching out to one another and their neighbours.

“Yesterday (27h August), one of our freshmen, Declan Conner, along with some other Strake Jesuit boys, was navigating his fishing boat through the streets of his neighborhood rescuing people trapped in their homes. You can see him in action on Twitter. He is a brave young man and I cannot tell you how proud of him I am” – says Fr. Jeff. 

Fr. Jeff and the other Jesuits from Strake Jesuit and Cristo Rey Jesuit have been praying as a community of prayer during the hard days.

“No one will be surprised to know that our Jesuit family is responding generously. I have had faculty and staff members offer to leave their own families and help in any way they can. As always, I am amazed by our team—they continually prove to be “for others” at their core.”

Jesuit schools from the South have a special relationship and are showing solidarity with one another: “I was very moved to hear from Jesuit High School in New Orleans. A few years ago, we were able to help them out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We are connected by this bond of mutual support, and they are eager to make good on this bond. I am so thankful for their generosity.”

The global community of Jesuit schools also assures the affected teachers, students and their families in the Heuston, Texas Jesuit schools of their solidarity and prayers. 

Source for Heuston, Texas, USA news: America Magazine