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Por Jude Deluxion, S.J.
Ene 12th, 2017

Childreen Jesuit School PakistanThree Schools (St. Mary’s HS for Boys, Sadaat Colony Samanabad-Lahore, St. Mary’s HS for Boys and Girls Al-Mehtab Park Bund Road-Lahore and St. Mary’s Kids Campus 60-foot Road-Lahore) are run by the Jesuits in Pakistan under the Sri Lankan Province. Fr. Renato Zec-Chin SJ is the Director of St.Mary’s Boys High School, Sadat Colony Samanabad, Lahore. Fr. Imran John is the director of St. Mary’s Girls High School and St. Mary’s Kids Campus. The total number of students of these three Schools are 1434 (959-Christians and 468- Muslims) and staffs are 105.

These three Schools are committed to excellence and aim to be excellent Schools. We try our best to give quality educational opportunities for all of the students. We passionately encourage and support all students to improve their academic level. Our creative and committed staff is proud of the number of activities and programs we offer to cater for our students. The best academic achievement is the most important goal for all students at our Schools. The curriculum at St. Mary’s School are designed to help every student according to his or her potential. A large range of sports are offered and music and drama play an important role in our Schools.

Students Jesuit School PakistanBuilding up student’s self-esteem is a vital component of our pastoral care. We have very talented people who work closely to support and advise staffs, students and families. They meet monthly with the School teachers and train them to be effective and creative in teaching and helping students in their personal life. We provide refresher courses for the teachers throughout the year by different resource persons.  We also organize special summer camps for our grade nine and ten students. There is an active School Council, under the direction of Fr. Imran, to tackle the problems of the students who are frustrated, feel rejected and bully other students.

The House System is used for School-wide sports, i.e. athletics, cross-country and other inter -house activities. St. Mary’s HS for Boys and Girls has first-rate variety of facilities for Sports and Physical Education, including basketball court. We have MAGIS Pakistan Basketball club that organizes all activities regarding sports which was initiated by Fr. Renato. We provide a healthy environment to build up a healthy relationship between our Christian and Muslim students. Every year we celebrate Christmas and Eid together. We have basketball, volleyball and netball teams, these students are trained by two professional coaches.

Classroom Jesuit School PakistanThe Schools also offer a wide range of musical opportunities. These include a Music Group; tuition in instrumental, flute, keyboard, guitar and vocals. Regular performances are given by our School bands. Our excellent facilities include a Library with all the facilities and the students are asked to make use of the library for their presentation, and they have a period for library. We have a computer lab with 36 computers. The students have regular Information Technology classes in the lab. In the afternoon the computer lab is open to the outside students and we run different level courses for the students who have done their matric level.

We have a science lab, which is recognized by the National School Authority, and the students are able to do all their experiments in the science lab. We provide scholarship for poor students, single parents, widows and the families with more than three children. We help the students to build up a positive relationship among themselves, regardless of caste, race and religion. Every student of St. Mary’s Schools is expected to follow the rules and regulations of the School.

Student Collage Jesuit School Pakistan

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Childreen Collage School Pakistan








“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” Solomon Ortiz




Curtesy: Origin: News and Views of Jesuit Candidates in Pakistan