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Oct 14th, 2019

In the U.S. and beyond, numerous Jesuit schools joined the Global Climate Strike, some utilizing ISN’s Ignatian Carbon Challenge Climate Strike resources, designed in collaboration with the Jesuit Conference of Canada and U.S.’s Office of Justice and Ecology to assist network members as they pray, act, and advocate for climate change prioritization.

We believe it is important to mark this day, using Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy as the frame for our participation,” shared Brenna Davis, ISN’s Director of Environmental Initiatives.

The call to action of the youth-led climate strikes is particularly relevant for Jesuit institutions in light of the recently promulgated Universal Apostolic Preferences, specifically the preferences that call us to “accompany the young in the creation of a hope-filled future” and “to collaborate in the care of our Common Home.”

Young people continue opening up to the future with the hope of building a life of dignity in a reconciled world that is in harmony with the environment. It is the young who, from their perspective, can help us to understand better the epochal change that we are living and its hope-filled newness.” Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ. UAPs

Below are some Jesuit schools that participated in the Global Climate Strike. These schools are part of a compiled summary by ISN staff of network institutions who have engaged in this initiative.

Tell us about your school’s involvement in this Global Conversation!

  1. Boston College student organizations Climate Justice BC and Ecopledge of Boston College united more than 80 students from a host of student groups for a campus demonstration and march to City Hall and the Massachusetts State House
  2. Brebeuf Jesuit in Indianapolis, Indiana held a school climate strike in connection with the Global Climate Strike on their athletic fields.
  3. The Canisius College Project Conservation Club and other members of the campus community, including Mike Hayes, director of campus ministry, used public transportation to join the Buffalo Climate Strike.
  4. Cheverus High School participated in the Portland, Maine Climate Strike.
  5. Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Milwaukee theology teacher Colleen Quigley discussed the Global Climate Strike in light of Catholic Social Teaching and the UAPs, with particular attention to how climate change affects the most vulnerable in our society.
  6. Gonzaga College High School students joined with other Washington, D.C., area Catholic schools and organizations for a student-led prayer service at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and march to the U.S. Capital.
  7. Students at Jesuit High School in Portland, Oregon participated in the Portland Climate Strike.
  8. Nativity Preparatory School in Boston joined in the Global Climate Strike as a way to be in solidarity with young people around the world.
  9. Nativity Preparatory School in Boston joined in the Global Climate Strike as a way to be in solidarity with young people around the world.
  10. The STAND Social Justice Club at Notre Dame School of Manhattan, an ISN member institution, united with Xavier High School to bring a group of students and teachers to the New York City Global Climate Strike march.
  11. Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio participated in a climate strike hosted by the Catholic Schools for Peace & Justice.
  12. Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, NJ kept lights off in the school’s campus ministry lounge, main office, and library in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike.
  13. Walsh Jesuit High School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio “participated in the Climate Strike in order to reduce the carbon emissions that enter into the atmosphere,” shared Mia Novak, a current student.

Boston College and Ecopledge

Brebeuf Jesuit

Cheverus High School. “Nothing the kids could have learned in school today was as important as putting faith into action with hundreds of other students in southern Maine crying out for universal climate justice and for the health of Maine’s ecosystems.” [Photo courtesy of Cheverus High School]

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. Class spent time with lights off in the classroom, discussing how to better care for the environment as a Cristo Rey Milwaukee community. [Photo courtesy of Colleen Quigley]

Gonzaga College High School. “We have been given special dignity and the power of self-awareness to be the conscience and heart of the natural world. The requires living with each other in a reduce, reuse, repair society, instead of a make, take, waste one.” [Photo courtesy of Shannon Berry Sullivan]

Jesuit High School. The campus has made a commitment to Aat to reduce greenhouse emissions by: -Shutting off lights during 5th period across campus -Encouraging students and staff to bring meatless meals and serving only meatless meals in the cafeteria on Fridays -Encouraging students and staff to bike, take public transportation, or carpool to school -Encouraging JHS educators to offer climate literacy in their curricula

Nativity Preparatory School. [Photo courtesy of Nativity Preparatory School]

The STAND Social Justice Club at Notre Dame School of Manhattan.

Saint Ignatius High School. [Photo courtesy of Guy Savastano]

Saint Peter’s Prep. “We themed our morning prayer around the strike today as well, because we want our students to understand that this isn’t only a scientific or political issue, it’s also a call to put our faith into action” [Photo courtesy of John Dougherty]

Walsh Jesuit High School. “Our school chose to turn off a majority of lights in the building to catch people’s attention and make known to everyone that even seemingly small actions can help protect our Earth.”

Source: The Ignatian Solidarity Network