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We hold the torch of His light, eternal and ever blazing, and tread small steps brightening the dark world to behold emblazoned and ignited beings.

He gave us His torch of knowledge, wisdom, art and accompaniment and entreated us to go and set the world afire… ablaze… with the love of God, Love of Jesus Christ, our Divine Teacher.

St. Ignatius, the patron Saint of the Jesuits, inspires his students to make internal choices that are externally manifested, to disentangle the cords of their real self, find what they can give, contribute and eventually make a difference!

For Rajasi, a 12-year-old student studying in eighth grade at St. Xavier’s School, Nevta,  ideas… imagination…ink… and… Ignatius together hulled the ship that led her to dive into the deep waters of the world of thoughts and gift to us a book, which in her words is a huge little dream, her first heart.

Every word that shades the pages of ‘I am 12 OClock’ by Rajasi Raj Rajeshwari touched her and yearns to reach and touch us all.

On the auspicious occasion of the Feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Rajasi wishes to seek the blessings of the great Saint and her family members while she presents to us her little dream titled ‘I am 12 OClock’ -a ragbag of whispers quilled into verses.

To unravel the mystery that the book holds, to read this ragbag of poems, you can buy it on www.amazon.com, www.amazon.in, www.flipcart.com, and www.notionpress.com

Title of the book: ‘I am 12 Oclock’.
Author’s name: Rajasi Raj Rajeshwari
School: St. Xavier’s School, Nevta, Jaipur

From Rajasi’s quill –

When for the first time, I heard the raindrops burst themselves on the ground, the wind howling like a midnight wolf, the clock whispering to me about its hours of the day, the evening telling me as of how much it loved tasting the honey light of the Sun; I sensed something that they had been trying to tell me for so long, that, there is life in everything. And, hence my hands fuelled with a pencil and endless thoughts started scribbling all that my eyes saw and all that my heart felt!

My haven where I was finally able to unwind this ability to share my thoughts with the world is my school, St. Xavier’s School, Nevta which is truly a niche, a beautiful place that helped me meet, my complete self. My Xavier Family, My Principal, Father John Ravi S.J. and all my teachers at school were the ones who showed me the power of smiles, joy and kindness. They appreciated my poetry and encouraged me to write more and more simply by smiling at me when I made them read my poems.

At Xavier’s it’s not about what we have, but about what we can give…to the world and her people… I have been eagerly looking forward to this great day, the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, to present my book to all you revered and loved ones with deep love and gratitude.

‘I am 12 Oclock’ is a huge little dream from a little girl who wishes to dedicate it to all those who know that hope exists and will always exist, even when life makes you feel that it cannot.

With my hand on my heart and a bowed head, I seek your blessings!

Happy Feast!