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Por Vincent Hansdak, S.J.
May 30th, 2017

For me, it was a privilege to be part of the Educate Magis team in Galway, Ireland and more particularly, to experience the essence of the new endeavor of the Society of Jesus – Global Networking & Collaboration. Personally, the working experience with the team has been very enriching and inspiring for the three weeks (May 8 – 28, 2017). The sincere and committed effort put in by each member of the team is truly edifying and praiseworthy.

In this 21st century, networking and collaboration have been identified as significant means of development and progress. Mostly, the different segments of life and business around the world greatly emphasize on fostering efficient communication and collaboration by being proficient in networking.

In my opinion, Educate Magis rightly attempts to respond to that need of the Society of Jesus by offering an online platform to connect teachers, share resources and inspiration, and foster collaboration within the Global Network of Jesuit Schools. The online networking offers opportunities for Jesuit schools to bond together for the works of social justice and changes both locally and globally.

Presently, the Educate Magis team is putting efforts together to reach and connect all Jesuit schools efficiently through Educate Magis Map of Jesuit Schools, highlighting the importance of Global Citizenship and by creating an online Staff Formation platform for Jesuit educators worldwide.

Educate Magis Team

The Educate Magis Team with Vincent. From left to right. Front row: Karina, Vincent and Orla. Back row: Ciara, Éamonn, Gellért and Mark.


I believe, Educate Magis can help developing a stronger network of Jesuit schools, and among Jesuit administrators, educators, and teachers from around the world.  But, it is up to the discretion of the individual Jesuit school to get involved, and depending on the extent of their participation they will benefit from the opportunities provided by the global network represented by the evolving Educate Magis platform and growing community.

Prayers and best wishes to all the team members!


Vincent Hansdak, S.J.