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Oct 8th, 2019

St. Lawrence High School celebrated Teacher’s Day with great mirth and enthusiasm. A special Assembly was conducted by the students, under the guidance of the House Teachers. All the teachers were escorted to the Britto Stoa, along with the Principal and the Vice Principal, by the House Captains and the Scout boys. The entire Britto Stoa had been beautifully decorated by the students the previous day.

The Assembly began with the Lighting of the Lamp ceremony before a large portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Mr. Subrata Sadhu, a senior teacher, who has served the institution for the longest time, was deemed the most significant member on the occasion. He solemnized the celebration by kindling the Lamp along with the dignitaries. This was followed by putting tika on the teachers’ foreheads, a sign of reverence according to Indian culture and tradition. Each teacher was gifted a rose to make them feel special.

The Assembly had many wonderful performances ranging from short poem recitation to comedy acts and various song and dance performances dedicated to teachers who are considered to be the second parents of students. They mold their lives with love, affection, dedication and hard work. A wonderful act had been put together by the Higher Secondary students on the Theme of Women Empowerment in Society and the Importance of the Role of a Mother and Teacher in one’s life.  The Assembly ended with another touching act highlighting the contribution of a dedicated teacher in a student’s life.

After the Assembly, the students were led to their respective classes for refreshments, followed by their dispersal from school. After that, there was a get-together of teachers in the school Fr. Wavreil Hall. Each teacher was given a token of appreciation by the management.  The Principal, Rev. Father Sebastian James, S.J. addressed all the teachers with his inspiring words. The Vice Principal for Primary Section, Ms. Madhumita Roy Chowdhury thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work. The Vice Principal for the Secondary and Higher Secondary Section, Rev. Father Zenith William, S.J., reminded the teachers of the special bond of love and affection that binds the St. Lawrence family together.

The day came to an end with the scrumptious lunch hosted by the school. It was moment filled with happiness and laughter as teachers revelled in the company of their colleagues, taking pride in their role as teachers who transform lives and create the future.