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Resources/Ignatian Spirituality

Religions in Public Life: A Practical Guide to Religious Harmony

Faith Formation, Ignatian Spirituality

By Vincent Sekhar, S.J.
May 10th, 2019

This booklet is a practical guide to building groups of diverse faiths, unifying them for mutual trust and co-operation. It focuses on the much of things that unite the persons, without omitting their points of differences, their religious and other identities. The booklet offers reflections and practical exercises to resolve religious and social conflicts, bringing to notice the hidden power and engagement of people who pretend to show themselves as ‘saviours’ of religion and its people.

This collection of documents includes the following:

  1. Religions in Public Life – Title, Contents, Author, Preface
  2. Religions in Public Life – Part I
  3. Religions in Public Life – Part II and Acknowledgement
  4. Religions in Public Life – Part III and Bibliography
  5. Religions in Public Life – Part IV (Appendices: Global Ethic, Retreat, etc.)

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