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Resources/Ignatian Spirituality

Practice of Interreligious Dialogue

Faith Formation, Ignatian Spirituality

By Vincent Sekhar, S.J.
May 10th, 2019

In this publication Vincent Sekhar is offering us a practical manual to train ourselves and others to dialogue. This is not a book to be read through, but a manual that tries to help reflection and discussion, which will hopefully lead to the formation of attitudes and practical projects. It can be helpful both to teachers and students. The Laity, the Religious and the Priests will find it useful for their learning, teaching and practice. The manual is the fruit of experience, reading and reflection. I think that it meets a real need.
Dr. Michael Amaladoss, S,J., Director, Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions, Chennai, INDIA

This collection of documents includes the following:

  1. Practice of Interreligious Dialogue – Title, Contents, Author
  2. Practice of Interreligious Dialogue – Part I & II
  3. Practice of Interreligious Dialogue – Part III
  4. Practice of Interreligious Dialogue – Part IV (Articles)
  5. Practice of Interreligious Dialogue – Part V (Appendices)

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