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Playful Education in a Playful Universe

Jesuit Education

By Fr. Prashant Olalekar, SJ
Jun 7th, 2019

Most education systems focus on amassing information, rather than stimulating discovery and triggering transformation. The rapid pace of change today calls for an “out of the box” approach to make teaching and learning more relevant and innovative. In this document “Playful Education in a Playful Universe” the author proposes a creative approach that will revolutionize education.

Fr. Prashant Olalekar SJ is Director of the Department of Interreligious Studies at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India. Fr. Prashant has made presentations on related topics at universities in India and USA. He has also directed playful Cosmic retreats for priests, religious, staff, students and people of all faiths in India, Ireland and USA.       

This document was published in “The International Journal for Transformation of Consciousness”, Vol. 3, 2017.