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A Model of Education for the XXI Century

Jesuit Education, Innovation

By Achaerandio, L. (2016) et al., Liceo Javier, Guatemala
Oct 17th, 2016

What educator should know, to teach and evaluate students, according to key competencies for life. 

A work by the Society of Jesus, Published by Liceo Javier, Guatemala. 

The book highlights the necessity of teaching our children and adolescents of today key competencies. It presents a selection and description of basic life competencies (instrumental, interpersonal and systemic competencies) as well as values which should be developed in students. The book offers examples of the school profiles which are in sync with these profiles and shares an efficient model of educating in and evaluating these competencies. In order to use everything we learn in this book, it presents some model lesson plans and learning guides. It finished with an explanation of how to evaluate these competencies. 

This book is dedicated to those educators whose spirit it is to improve their educational practice.