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Resources/Ignatian Spirituality

Lent 2016: Our Common Home

Faith Formation, Ignatian Spirituality

By Jesuit Missions UK
Apr 14th, 2016

This resource for Secondary Schools was produced by Jesuit Missions UK and schools are invited to use and modify this resource to fit their needs. We have the reflections document available on Educate Magis and this link will take you to the four Power Points for weekly assemblies on the Jesuit Missions UK website. 

How to use this resource? 

Four PowerPoints for weekly assemblies and five daily reflections for each week (eight reflections for week one, commencing Wednesday February 10th).

  • Week One: Finding God in all things
  • Week Two: The life of Jesus/ Where do you stand? – Called to Care
  • Week Three: The passion and death of Jesus/ Encountering injustice
  • Week Four: Resurrection and hope


The weekly PowerPoint last for about five minutes each. The daily reflections last for about two minutes each.


The weekly PowerPoint has been designed for weekly school assemblies. The PowerPoints and daily reflections can be used independently from each other. Both work well as introductory reflections of the day, but can be used at any point of the day.

Each weekly power point is accompanied by five daily reflections (eight for week one). If you decide to start using the resource at the beginning of Lent, you will use Week Four (Resurrection and Hope) before Easter (Sunday March 27th).

Schools are most welcome to modify the resource to fit their needs.

External resources

A youth friendly resource on the Spiritual Exercises can be downloaded for free from: http://bustedhalo.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/examen-pdf.pdf (© BustedHalo).


We hope you find Great Hope useful and easy to use. However, if you experience any difficulties, or wish to send feedback for improvement, please contact Samantha Aidoo at [email protected]

Thank you!