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JESEDU-Rio2017: Sent in a Global Network

Global Citizenship, Global Gatherings

By José Alberto Mesa SJ
Mar 3rd, 2017
Jose Mesa

The Global Network of Jesuit Schools is a means to serve our educational/pedagogical mission better, to be “ministers” of the apostolate of education. We form networks at different levels, from local to regional and, finally, a global network. In order to effectively function at this global level we need to define a common agenda that can articulate our efforts and orientate our work. This agenda should respond to our global responsibility to the mission of a faith that does justice in the dialogue with others and in care for our planet. What are the educational frontiers that we should engage as a global network? What strategic guidelines and common goals should we consider for this agenda? What is the delegate’s role as co-responsible for the global school network? How are we going to work together to respond to this global agenda?

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