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JESEDU-Rio2017 Oct 19th – Caring for Our Common Home – Ecology and Social Justice [Proceedings]

Global Citizenship, Jesuit Education, Equality and Social Justice, The Environment, Global Gatherings

By JESEDU-Rio 2017
Apr 12th, 2018
Cuidando Nuestro Hogar Común

JESEDU-Rio2017 – The International Congress for Education Delegates was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in 2017 and was organized by the Secretariat for Education of the Society of Jesus.
Please click the “Read” button to download the Zip file which contains the following documents:

  • Experience, 19 Oct, Healing Earth, M Schuk
  • Juliawan B Ecology and social justice
  • Keynote Speaker, 19 Oct, Ecology, B Juliawan SJ
  • Keynote Speaker, 19 Oct, Ecology, B Juliawan, SJ (presentation)
  • Morning Prayer, 19 Oct, Ecology
  • Experience, 19 Oct, Int Asociation of Jesuits Universities, M Garanzini SJ

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