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Ignatian Intercultural Communication Training Module Resources – Nov/Dec 2020

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By Educate Magis
Dec 17th, 2020

The first pilot Ignatian Intercultural Training Module was presented in November and December of 2020 as a series of 5 virtual training sessions spread out over 5 weeks. Each session was an hour long and included a mixture of personal reflection, group sharing modelled on Ignatian Spiritual Conversations and written worksheets. The sessions began by looking at one’s own identity, reflecting on personal circumstances and experiences which have helped to shape the way we view and interact with the world around us. An image which was shared to help frame the Ignatian approach to Intercultural Communication was that of a tree – the extent to which a tree’s branches can grow upward and outward is dependent on the depth and breadth of its own roots.  We can reach out to understand other groups and cultures most effectively when we do the inward work of understanding our own experiences and biases.

Here are some of the slides used to accompany participants through the sessions. More details on the experience here.