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Global Justice Perspectives. An Ignatian Inspired Development Education Resource.

Global Citizenship, Equality and Social Justice

By Irish Jesuit Missions Office
Jan 1st, 2015

Global Justice Perspectives. An Ignatian Inspired Development Education Resource is a resource created by the Jesuit Mission Office’s Development Education Desk.  It is designed to build students capacity to see critically, evaluate ethically, reflect spiritually and act effectively.  Each strand can be taught incrementally over four years or the programme can run as a full unit. Strand five, available in the module text, encourages learners to harvest their learning and put their faith into action.  There are 22 Lessons covering an Introduction to Development Education, Critical Thinking, Rooted in Faith, Leadership and Case Studies.

Authors: Bríd Dunne, Development Education Coordinator, IJMO and Strand 4 by Brendan Shalvey, Clongowes Wood College

This resource is courtesy of the Irish Jesuit Missions Office, who is the copyright owner of this material.