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Finding your ground melody – an alternative way of practicing The Spiritual Exercises

Jesuit Education, Ignatian Spirituality

By Renilde Vos
Jul 11th, 2018

The JECSE Formators meeting in Drongen, Belgium focused on the theme of “being Ignatian in a secularised context”. The meeting and conference focused on one of the main themes and actions of JESEDU-Rio 2017, which is “Our experience of God”. The keynote speaker and workshop leader Renilde Vos presented her alternative way of experiencing the Spiritual Exercises. She calls this the way of “finding your own ground melody” to recognize deeply, which melody or song I need to sing in relation to the ultimate concern of my life. Her method is inspired by the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and uses an experiential, meditative and reflexive method based on theological and religious pedagogical insights. Renilde provided the participants with a number of practical resources, including her full presentation, which are downloadable as a zip file.   

This set of documents contains: 

  1. Finding your “ground melody”, your call (full presentation) 
  2. Passion and Compassion – spiritual exercise: meditation with imagination (Hieronymus Nadal)
  3. Metareflection (an exercise looking at personal competences and attitudes) 
  4. Breathing and attention exercises 


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