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JESEDU-Rio2017: Caring for our Common Home: Ecology and Social Justice

Global Citizenship, The Environment, Global Gatherings

By Benedictus Hari Juliawan, SJ
Mar 1st, 2017

Unlike any other time in history, due to its own actions, humanity is confronted with the real
possibility of destroying its natural environment and thus ending its own existence: pollution,
the exploitation of natural resources and the destruction of ecosystems that generates
consequences in the social fabric. We have rightly emphasized social justice in our education
in the last decades; we still need to do more to be able to respond to the challenges coming
from a true education for social justice However, we need to do this within the context of our
new ecological crisis. What commitments should we adopt as a global network in order to be
collaborative members in the effort to cure our wounded societies and world? What type of
men and women should we form so that they praise the creation and so ensure the survival
of social justice and ecological peace within our communities and the world?

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