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Allocution of Fr General on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Jesuit Education in the Philippines

Jesuit Education, Core Resources

By The Father General Adolfo Nicolás
Jul 20th, 2009

“One of the favorite words from GC 35 that has captured the imagination of so many Jesuits and friends in mission is “Frontiers.” But what might the word “frontiers” mean for you, most of whom have to go, day after day, to the same campus, to the same office, to the same classrooms? What are the “frontiers” for a well-established, successful, respected Jesuit educational system?
Fr. General Adolfo Nicolas addresses two important challenges for Jesuit Education in Manila-Philippines on the 20th of July of 2009.  He says the frontier of Depth and the Frontier of Universality are challenges that need to be faced in Jesuit Schools”