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Ciudadanía Global – Introducción

Course Author
Educate Magis Community
¿Ha habido alguna vez un mejor momento en la historia de la Compañía de Jesús para considerar lo mucho que podemos animar las dimensiones globales de nuestros colegios? La Congregación General 35 nos recordó que “servir a la misión de Cristo hoy implica prestar especial atención a su contexto global.

Four Key Practices in Ignatian Spirituality.

Course Author
Brian Grogan SJ, the Gregorian University, Rome and the Educate Magis Global Community
This Course is essentially an invitation to a spiritual journey with Ignatius of Loyola whose influence is still very much felt today and whose spiritual insights, practices and exercises are alive and fuelling our Jesuit and Ignatian schools. It focuses on four Ignatian practices: (I) Reflection and the Examen (ii) Ignatian Spiritual Conversation (iii) Ignatian Discernment and Decision Making (iv) Becoming Contemplatives in Action.

Protected: Ignatian Intercultural Communication

Course Author
Educate Magis Community
This Course aims to support the understanding of our own identity, examining possible biases, misunderstandings, or stereotypes and how these might influence our interaction with others to looking at our identities as Jesuit schools or organizations, at the similarities and difference in schools across the world, the challenges we all face and how we can respond to these challenges in a meaningful way by acknowledging different contexts and backgrounds.

Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership

Course Author
Brian Grogan S.J.
God is still making me: I’m not just another instance of the human race but uniquely important to God, an original, a masterpiece, yet to be completed (Exx 237). This course is designed for communities of the Ignatian tradition, for educators and parents, for those undertaking leadership roles.

Pedagogía Ignaciana [FLACSI]

Course Author
Carlos Vásquez S.J.
FLACSI en colaboración con el padre colombiano Carlos Vásquez, SJ, presenta esta colección de videos sobre pedagogía ignaciana y sus respectivas guías de trabajo con el objetivo de asimilar, profundizar y actualizar de manera concisa y concreta la Propuesta Educativa de la Compañía de Jesús.

The Beginnings of Jesuit Education

Course Author
Office of Adult Spirituality at St. Ignatius College Prep San Francisco (CA)
Ignatius of Loyola was motivated by a passion to “set the world on fire” and was convinced that the mission of teaching the youth was an effective way to do this. The course presents a brief history of Jesuit Education and highlights some of its main characteristics.

The Life of Ignatius of Loyola

Course Author
Brian Grogan S.J.
Ignatian spirituality was crafted painstakingly by a sixteenth-century Basque, Ignatius of Loyola. His influence and inspiration are still very much alive, five-hundred years on. Following the life and spiritual journey of Ignatius enables the participant to make sense of their own life experience.

Yo soy Profesor Jefe Ignaciano Programa de Liderazgo para Profesores/as Jefes de los colegios y escuelas de la REI

Course Author
Equipo Escuela de Educadores de la REI (EED)
En respuesta al Plan Estratégico 2021-2026 del Área Escolar de la Provincia Chilena de la Compañía de Jesús, y al diagnóstico sobre las necesidades de formación de los/as educadores/as de la REI, nace el Programa de Liderazgo para Profesores/as Jefes, impulsado por la Escuela de Educadores y Directivos de la REI. Este programa apunta a la formación de los PJs como líderes ignacianos y actores relevantes en el trabajo con los estudiantes y como portadores de la misión encomendada a los colegios

Developing a deep understanding of the influence teachers and staff have on students’ integral formation puts continuous formation in context. Teachers not only teach but also accompany students and for this they are called to nurture their own ongoing intellectual, affective and spiritual growth

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