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Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership

January 20, 2017

"God is still making me: I’m not just another instance of the human race but uniquely important to God, an original, a masterpiece, yet to be completed (Exx 237). This course is designed for communities of the Ignatian tradition, for educators and parents, for those undertaking leadership roles.

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2 Modules
17 Lessons
133 Learners

Course Details

Duration40+ Hours
AudienceFaculty, Administration, Leadership Team
Tenure1+ Year

Course Author

Brian Grogan S.J. - Brian was born in Dublin, educated by the Christian Brothers, and joined the Jesuits at sixteen. He is a former President of Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin, and Associate Professor of Spirituality.


In this course, Brian Grogan SJ gives the learner a chance to participate in the journey of following St. Ignatius of Loyola and to introduce the participant to Ignatius’ life and spirituality and the workings of the Jesuits and their mission in the world. 

This programme is designed for those who work in a voluntary way with the Society of Jesus; for communities of the Ignatian tradition, for educators and parents, for those undertaking leadership roles in Jesuit organizations, for employees and for the wider public.

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Module: 1

Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership: Module 1

Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership: Module 1

Module 1 includes the following eight lessons:

Lesson 1: Stopping to think

Lesson 2: Overview of Ignatian Spirituality

Lesson 3: The early life of Ignatius: Child, Courtier, Military Man, Convert: 1491 - 1522

Lesson 4: The life of Ignatius: The Pilgrim: 1522 – 1528

Lesson 5:  Gathering Companions: 1529 – 1539

Lesson 6: Superior General: 1530 – 1556

Lesson 7: The world of spirituality

Lesson 8: The autobiography of Ignatius


Module: 2

Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership: Module 2

Ignatian Spirituality & Leadership: Module 2

Module 2 contains the following eight lessons:

Lesson 9: The Spiritual Exercises

Lesson 10: Ignatian Prayer

Lesson 11: Examen

Lesson 12: Personal Discernment

Lesson 13: Discernment

Lesson 14: Collaboration

Lesson 15: Lay Ignatian Spirituality

Lesson 16: Ignatian Spirituality and Leadership