Cookies Policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of text data created by websites and stored on your computer or mobile device by your web browser. These cookies can save your settings on a website and are used to deliver a more efficient and enjoyable website experience by storing information about how you use the website. For example, storing your login details and thus removing the need to login every time you visit the website or storing information on the pages you visited which allows for suggesting related content based on a previous visit.

There are two types of cookies: (i) First-party cookies which are set by the website you are visiting and (ii) Third-party cookies which come from other websites e.g. ads embedded on a page using Google AdSense.


Are cookies harmful?

Cookies cannot access any information on your computer other than the information you have openly disclosed to the website which sent the cookies to your computer. Cookies can’t be executed as code and as such cannot distribute viruses.


What types of cookies do Educate Magis use?

We only use first party cookies. However, we also use some third party website tools which use cookies in different ways. Third party tools on the Educate Magis site:

Share This – This social media sharing plugin uses cookies to apply a random unique identifier not tied to personal data to identify users and their sharing behavior. To opt out visit

Google Analytics – We use Google Analytics to measure how users interact with website content. These cookies do not collect personal information about visitors and use an anonymous identifier to distinguish visitors. See more on Google Analytics Cookie Usage


Changing your cookie settings

To learn more about cookies, how to change your cookie settings or block cookies altogether, please visit Please remember that blocking cookies may alter your experience as a member of this community.