Global Red Chair Project

The Educate Magis Community together with Entreculturas is committed to raising awareness of the millions of children that still don’t have access to education. We are inviting teachers of all Jesuit and Ignatian schools, as Global Citizens, to take action and join our fight to defend the right to education! Here is a collection of […]

Right to Education, Global Citizenship, Global Red Chair Project 2017

Ecology in Jesuit Schools

Laudato Si’ started a veritable “environmental movement”. Jesuit Schools around the world joined in and have responded to this generously. This collection highlights resources and inspiring Jesuit ecological initiatives. 

Ecology, Environment, Jesuit Schools, Laudato Si 2016

Global Citizenship in Jesuit Schools

What is Global Citizenship? What do we hope for in our students and school communities? How can we animate the global dimensions of our schools through global citizenship? What unique opportunity do we have in our global network of Jesuit schools? In this collection, we gathered videos, documents, blogs that testify to what’s happening in […]

Global Map of Jesuit Schools, Global Citizenship 2016

General Congregation 36

The Educate Magis Community followed GC36 with great interest publishing blogs, photos and videos which are now brought together in this collection. What is a General Congregation? In the 476 years since its founding, the Society of Jesus has convened only 35 general congregations. The 36th General Congregation took place in Rome from October 2, 2016 to […]

GC36, Fr General 2016

GIAN Campaign: Right to education, right to hope

The GIAN (Global Ignatian Advocacy Network) network’s campaign: ‘Right to education, right to hope’, which aims to have a global reach, has as purpose to highlight the importance of education as a Human Right, deepen on the inequality and inequity situations of education in the world and raise awareness on the responsibility everyone has in its promotion, […]

EDUJESUIT, Right to Education, Campaigns 2016

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