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Caring For Our Common HomeA Universal Logo

The Meaning Behind the Logo

The water cycle represents an Ignatian approach to caring for our common home through our schools.

God, as represented by the sun, is the source of all life, constantly shining onto each part of the Earth to initiate and sustain the cycle. The individual raindrop refracts the light of the sun and carries nutrients and life throughout the Earth. The raindrop represents each person in our schools. The prophet Isaiah imagines similarly that God sends rain and snow upon the Earth that do not return until they have done their work. (Is. 55:10)

Just as the raindrops come together to form clouds, rivers, and vast oceans, individuals in our schools collectively form different levels of the local community networks through our curricula, ministries, activities and institutional involvements. These groups collaborate to work at different levels for the transformation and care of our world.

Finally, these collections of raindrops cover the whole face of the globe, uniquely adapted to local ecosystems yet sharing the same qualities and source as a global network. This cycle of Ignatian education continues as these raindrops flow and transform through their interactions with the Earth, and each other, before returning back to the source of all life to begin again.