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Caring For Our Common Home

A Way of Proceeding

Individual / Self

“An authentic faith – which is never comfortable or completely personal – always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it… the earth is our common home and all of us are brothers and sisters.” (Evangelii Gaudium; ALT 203, Global Identifier 5)

Our Ignatian worldview reminds us that God is present in all things, including ourselves, our relationships, our work, and our interactions with the world. Each of us is a significant part of God’s creation and each of us has our own personal role to play in animating God’s vision for the care of our common home. As we examine our individual actions and habits, we are often led to a transformational process, which taken collectively and in aggregate, has tremendous impact over time.


  • In what ways is caring for our common home important to me?
  • How do I make time, away from distractions, to nurture a relationship with creation?
  • How can I participate in my school’s mission to care for our common home?


  • Inventory my habits and practices: List the small daily actions that consider the environment in my purchases and lifestyle. What changes do I feel impelled to make for a sustainable future? Which of my daily activities reflect my concern for Mother Earth?
  • Educate myself about ecological justice issues and sustainable ways of living. Identify where I am doing well and where there is room for growth.
  • Celebrate a God-given gift or talent I can use to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and hope-filled future.