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Caring For Our Common HomeA Way of Proceeding

Executive / Administration / Management

“In any discussion about a proposed venture, a number of questions need to be asked in order to discern whether or not it will contribute to genuine integral development. What will it accomplish? Why? Where? When? How? For whom? What are the risks? What are the costs? Who will pay those costs and how?” (LS 185)

As school boards or governing bodies, we are responsible for inspiring the school community with a shared vision and mission in the Ignatian tradition. We share the responsibility for leading and guiding the strategic direction in all aspects of campus life to ensure the pursuit of human excellence and the desire to know, love and serve God. In addition, we are responsible for knowing and animating the Universal Apostolic Preferences. Caring for our common home should permeate all decisions we make as a Board, individually and collectively with the Ignatian spirit of faith and joy, for a hope-filled future.


  • Do we – individually and collectively – understand caring for our common home within the context of the Universal Apostolic Preferences?”
  • What policies and procedures do we have in place to ensure that caring for our common home is considered in all school decisions, including budgets and funding for sustainability?
  • How do we, evaluate the progress of school efforts in implementing actions that help care for our common home?


  • Commit to board or governing body formation in Laudato Si, the Universal Apostolic Preferences, and the Ignatian Perspective on caring for our common home.
  • Include caring for our common home as a regular agenda item for governance meetings.
  • Regularly evaluate and report on the effectiveness of sustainability programs and policies.