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Caring For Our Common HomeA Way of Proceeding


“Many things have to change course, but it is we human beings above all who need to change. We lack an awareness of our common origin, of our mutual belonging and of a future to be shared with everyone.” (LS 202)

“For our schools, this means preparing students and their families to identify with and feel responsible for all creation; to assume God’s loving view of the world.” (ALT 190, Global Identifier 4)

As a family, we are the single most significant influence in the life of our child. From their first moments of life, our children rely on us to safeguard them and to provide for their needs. Parents are a child’s first teachers and act as role models in how to act and how to experience the environment around them, playing a vital role in our child’s ecological awareness and education. By encouraging positive ecological justice attitudes and practices at home, we model and foster a respect for the environment, and care for all living and non-living things, for our family.


  • How does our family reflect upon the environmental problems/challenges of our planet?
  • As parents, how will we connect care for the environment, our faith, and our family?
  • In what ways can we, as parents, help our child understand how to incorporate caring for our common home in all areas of life: cooking, purchasing, transportation, services?


  • As a family, discuss the most serious environmental challenges facing your community and/or the world.
  • Identify and list the current environmental practices of your family members.
  • As a family, commit to one environmental practice (habit/lifestyle) you will change to care for our common home.