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Caring For Our Common HomeA Way of Proceeding


“Thus, the ultimate success of our educational endeavor cannot be measured by who the graduate is at the moment of graduation. Instead, the gift of Jesuit schooling is best measured by how graduates engage life in the decades after graduation. Did the partly answered questions that were sparked in the classroom continue to be asked and reasked throughout one’s life? Did the possibilities fostered by networking and authentic encounter bear fruit in future decisions in business, personal life, and the religious quest?” (ALT 285, Global Identifier 10)

As alumni/alumnae, we are an integral part of our educational community. Through our connection to our Jesuit alma mater, we support the Ignatian vision and the Catholic faith of the institution for which caring for our common home is an integral aspect. We support our schools financially, symbolically, and relationally and, as such, can and should act as role models for the next generation, especially in taking care of our Mother Earth. Through ongoing collaboration our experience and connections will help support the environmental mission of the school and offer mentorship to current staff and students.


  • How do I, as an alumnus/alumna of a Jesuit school, embody compassionate commitment towards all of creation?
  • How do we alumni deepen our understanding of the Ignatian perspective on caring for our common home?
  • How can we alumni transmit the value of the natural world and keep the young person’s appreciation of their non-utilitarian values?


  • Define ways to engage in actively caring for our common home: personally, in my work, in my community, and in my former school.
  • Connect with the Jesuit network to mentor students, teachers and staff on best ecological practices.
  • Commit to sharing time, talents and/or finances to aid my school’s transition toward environmental sustainability.