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Caring For Our Common Home

as True Companions of All Humanity and Creation, An Ignatian Perspective

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We resolve, considering who we are and the means that we have, to collaborate with others in the construction of alternative models of life that are based on respect for creation and on a sustainable development capable of producing goods that, when justly distributed, ensure a decent life for all human beings on our planet. The preservation over time of the conditions of life on our planet is a human responsibility of immense ethical and spiritual importance.

– Universal Apostolic Preferences

About This Project

In 2020, the Secretariat for Jesuit Education convened a global taskforce to create an ecological framework for Jesuit schools to give meaning, direction, and guidance to our work as we care for our common home, individually and collectively, both locally and globally.

Uniting the diverse voices and realities of the six regions of the Global Jesuit Network along with Fe y Alegría, this taskforce has created an Ignatian vision of caring for our common home together with a framework for the various stakeholders within the school communities as we journey together as an Ignatian community. This framework serves as a reminder that each of us is a significant part of God’s Creation and each of us has our own personal role to play in animating God’s vision for the care of our common home.

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Caring for Our Common Home

Caring for Our Common Home as True Companions of All Humanity and Creation: An Ignatian Perspective


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